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Notre volontaire européen Aytaj vous fait part de....

... I want to talk about my first difficult days in Switzerland. Are you ready? When l came to Switzerland I was thinking that train system is too hard/ Because it was impossible to find information board in english. (Also majority markets was same) Also most people can’t don’t know English. Maybe they know some English, but it’s uneasy to talk for them. As you know, Switzerland has 4 official languages: German, French, Italian, Romansh.

In my opinion, if you are deciding to come Switzerland, it should be amazing if you know basic level in this canton’s language.

First months I couldn’t adapt to Swiss train system, language… But then I bought Swiss number and this step helped me more. Because if you are foreighner, it’s too hard to live without regularly internet. I would like to mention that I ordered number from “Digital republic”. I pay 10 francs per month for the first month for free. (The rate is suitable for volunteers)My next difficulty also was for language. Being an extrovert, I needed people around me to have friendly and honest discussions with them. But it’s hard to find new circle from foreighn country. I solved this problem by finding many friends from Switzerland-related groups on Facebook and other social networks. Our communication is in English, they helped me not to feel alone and to find more places to travel within Switzerland and within the volunteer budget. Although my friends were Brazilian and Portuguese, they were sometimes helped me learn French.

To be honest, French language is extremely difficult for me. Azerbaijani language is musical and so different. But over time, I’m starting to love this language, because it’s well-known and useful in Switzerland and some another countries. I would like to mention, I joined to “Mosaique” language school in La Chaux-de-Fonds. But the lessons for me were too fast and difficult.

Soon I will find a teacher from my country and continue private lessons for the next 2 months.I want to touch on the topic that interests many volunteers who want to come here: ‘’Monthly Pocket money is enough?”- Here you will not pay for accomadation, communal fees. Pocket money only intended food and life. And it’s depend on your lifestyle, if it will be enough or not. For example when I came here, I changed my lifestyle. And I tried to adapt my life to my pocket money.

But our organization “Ton sur Ton” helping us in any difficult situations. Sometimes I’m thinging, even if they are too busy, but they are also giving more attention to us. For example, I was going active swimming course and fitness in my country, although I don't have these activities here, my organization offers us 2 courses per week: Dance, theater, yoga, pilates, etc.

In my next posts, you can read about my relationship with other volunteers, my country and my activities with friends, also about health insurance matters.

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