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L'actualité de la fondation Ton sur Ton

Aytaj - Who am I?

Greetings with hugs to everyone, I am a dreamer, overthinker, perfectionist girl from Azerbaijan, my name is Aytaj Rahimova. I am a journalist by profession. I had already been working as a journalist and dubbing actress for 3 years in my country. I also used to show puppet shows and tell stories to children. But one day I realized that although I love Journalism, I can't get the positive energy I want, and the monotony of my life is tiring me. I need to change my environment and gain foreign experience. I started applying for international projects. I had a place in my mind... a place where there were crazy people, a place that was the center of dance, music - in short, art.

The beginning of my new story

When I applied for projects, the first organization that I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly prepared for was "Ton sur Ton". Because there was "I" in all the expectations they wrote. And I prepared my documents and background and sent them to Ton sur Ton and then to Astrid Türler (my coordinator). I was very determined. This program should have been mine. And that's it... the answer came, they wanted to do a Zoom meeting and their expectations from me were: To express why I want to choose this program, to show my special ability, to know my expectations from them and talk with me about their expectations. I approached this meeting more individually than other meetings, and for about "15 minutes" they listened to me willingly. And I was waiting for an answer... After some time, the director of the organization, Christophe Studer, sent me an email "You have been selected". (Zoom meeting photos)~La chaux de Fonds and Ton sur ton.

The beginning of new experiences - Ton sur Ton

Now I'm leaving for Switzerland with my little travel partner. Raju Oliviera, an EVS volunteer, welcomed me and I met my housemates for the first time. We went to Ton sur Ton. There I realized that my feelings did not deceive me. This was where I was meant to be. (Although it's cold:) Ton sur ton is a retro-style space that invites people to art and create. You can feel the smell of art in every room. People here are very friendly and literally perfect. When I first came here, Veronica, a member of Ton sur ton, invited us to dinner and served the national Swiss dish "Racclet". They are very welcoming and friendly. I'm lucky, because a positive fragment of my life movie is being shot in "Ton sur ton".~My Project

On my first day at Ton sur Ton, Magalie Jaquet and Christoph Studer told me to "Choose your project". I announced that I will open a Tik-tok and YouTube platform and create content. Because I love taking pictures, I sometimes like to share posts on my Instagram account. Although it may be difficult at times, everything will become more perfect with time. I have never been cameraman but I think after Ton sur Ton I discovered my new side. I love and do well photography and videography.

Cultural differences

I felt this even when I got off a plane. I felt here was very different from my country. People smile and say hello even if they don't know you. In my country the people are really nice, but they can't show this in the first time more.

And here was another strange thing for me: people believe and trust each other a lot. For example, in some places you buy certain food or take advantage of something, and no one controls the payment machine. Because they believe in you. In a way, they entrust and trust everyone's own conscience. This is trust for making you feel good.

One of the next beauties is that Switzerland values and protects its nature. A person becomes one with nature. I love nature and animals. Here, even in cities, you can definitely feel the nature. I love it and feel happy.

Also, interesting festivals and carnivals are often held here. I love participating in these carnivals wearing different costumes and interviewing people.

Swiss people are smiling, friendly, but at the same time "distant people".

The first thing I couldn't get used to was the foods. Because meat tastes completely different in my country, and meat is the most important food for an Azerbaijani:) In our cuisine has more choises.

But I am such a person that even if I end up on a desert island, I will definitely find a way to be happy there.The weather difference

Now let's come to the main issue, the weather: I come from Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, maybe you have heard: Baku is the city of winds. And I don't like the wind. That's why the cold and snow of Switzerland are more beautiful to me than the wind. It snows so gently here... it's like a fairyland. I am a little hero of this fairytale.

The weather changes often and sometimes I have a hard time deciding what to wear. But I have to admit that Switzerland is beautiful and perfect with every positive and negative. My story will follow...


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